18 April 2014

Job Well Done

Today is a perfect example of why I try to keep things caught up around my house. I declared a strike last weekend, hence the pity party post earlier, and while it's been a rather entertaining week, now I have to pay the piper.

What I did get accomplished this week was refining my Fiestaware collection, which meant a trip to the Kitchen Store after work one day. I also took care of a birthday gift while there. I've lazed away my mornings before work with coffee and my pup. I have blogged to my heart's content, and formed new resolutions. Some online shopping was done. I had wine and crudites with a friend here one afternoon, and also had a girls' night with that same friend last night. Delicious seafood salad and wine; perfect! Oh, yes; I've enjoyed my week "off".

My home reflects it.

There are science experiments forming in the fridge.
The freezers are shuffled and disorganized...and almost empty.
The dog has a distinct path running through the house, and no doubt, hair on everything.
The bed has not been properly made all week, although Randy did finally attempt to straighten it out yesterday.
I don't want to discuss the bathrooms.
The pile of book work continues to reproduce on my desk.
The laundry hamper appears to have clothes growing out the top of it.
I don't think the dishwasher has been run all week.

While it may not really be all that bad (except that it is!), I've confidence that I can have it rectified in an afternoon, more specifically this afternoon, since I get off work early.

After all, the last thing I want to do is have to work on it all weekend. When would I relax?!

17 April 2014

It's Your Lucky Day...

Two posts in one day; it is, indeed, your lucky day.

My sweet niece, "my" first baby, has MS...and it sucks. True to form, however, she has researched, read, and become informed about this disease in the past 4 months since her diagnosis. She is, after all, a teacher, with a 3 year old daughter, and doting, hardworking husband. She's also an athlete, and all around terrific person. I'm so very proud of her.

Through her research, and dealing with this condition, she's found that living a gluten-free, dairy-free lifestyle can make her so much more comfortable and healthy. Now, I'm lactose-intolerant to begin with, so the no-dairy thing is easy for me. However, I've decided, in a show of solidarity to Beth, I'm going to go gluten-free (mostly). Maybe not to the extent to which she has to go, but anything that is obviously full of gluten, wheat, rye, and barley, are now banned from my diet. As I am an avid label reader, I may take it a bit farther, but we'll see how it goes.

I have a good start to this, even considering all the bread, etc., I bake. I don't eat it anyway. I get so much more satisfaction making it for others, than consuming it myself. And, if I happen to shed some of these annoying pounds that the hormone shift has bestowed upon me, so be it.

It's my policy that no one cries alone, nor do they fight alone. I'm there with you, my Beth.

Work That Big Muscle

Studies have shown that the human brain stays sharper when it deals with change. It's recommended that we not take the same route to work every day, that we pick a different parking place at the grocery store, or choose a new path each time we walk; basically that we not fall into a rut of predictability.

My brain should be like a well-honed knife.

I love to rearrange furniture, closets, cupboards. I enjoy reconfiguring, reorganizing, redoing. My latest project, however, has not gone over well with my ever-patient husband.

The Fiestaware that I covet, collect, and use every single day was, I felt, hidden in my kitchen cupboards. After finding one of the chili bowls cracked, I also felt they would be better cared for if they were removed from the cramped confines of the cupboard.  That, plus the fact that I had pieces that had been shuffled to the dark recesses where they were not being used.

I understand all about having the dishes in close proximity to the dishwasher for the ease of returning them, once clean. However, sometimes aesthetics override practicality.

So, I moved my holiday ware to the bottom storage of this glorious cabinet my brother-in-law built for me, along with our wedding china (both sets barely ever used). I then transferred all of that bright Fiestaware to the shelves of this cabinet, with its glass front doors. It's no further from the kitchen counter that it was, just in the opposite direction. I figure the extra steps to put it away from the dishwasher will do me some good.

As a result, I have all of my glassware together in the kitchen, arranged more effectively, and all my mixing bowls no longer relegated to the bottom cupboard where I had to almost get on my hands and knees to retrieve them. I think my kitchen will be a much more efficient place to work.

I don't think Randy appreciates my effort to keep him mentally attuned. He was putting dishes away for me the first night I'd moved the dishes, before I could tell him what I'd done. Having seen me in action over the years, you'd think he wouldn't be at all surprised at yet another switch-up. All I heard when he opened the cupboard to stack plates was a very resigned, "Oh. My. God".

Well, he didn't even notice how it enhances this part of his tractor collection (one thing I do not EVER move or rearrange...except this one time shhhhh!). I love it.

The best part of this new arrangement? Extra room for more Fiestaware!

16 April 2014

Bound to Happen

I knew this day would come, eventually, and I'm not sad about it; resigned is more like it. A holiday with no children or Baby Grands. It happens to everyone at some point when children are grown and gone...doesn't it?

I always felt a little sorry for the people who went out for dinner on a holiday, but now I'm understanding why. Not only that, I'm looking forward to joining the ranks! Imagining getting all dressed up, going to a nice place to eat is looking really good right now. No fuss, no muss, and perhaps a lovely nap when we get home.

In recent texts with my older son, he apologized for not being able to get home since he'll be somewhere in North Dakota, playing a gig. In all honesty, I had to share with him that Easter was simply an excuse for me to make them feel guilty enough to come home, if they are able. He responded that he knew that...and, that it worked.

As much as I love it when they are all home, things have been hectic enough, that I'm anticipating a quiet, easy weekend. It would be lovely if Mother Nature would get things figured out, and at least let it warm up so we can enjoy some deck time; something of which we've had very little thus far. That Vitamin D would be very helpful, in so many ways!

For now, I'll have to pull out one of my long dresses to help disguise the ever-changing colors on my legs, sans any tint from the sun. It's just not a pretty sight!

Happy Easter, my friends; wherever you celebrate, and with whom.