23 July 2014

Quandries and Revelations

Yet another post about random thoughts and concerns:

Do you tell a good friend that he/she is making a horrible relationship mistake, and possibly ruin that friendship by doing so? Or, do you keep what you know to yourself, let fate take its course, and risk losing that friendship anyway because of said mistake?

Tough love gets no easier the older children become. In fact, it becomes even harder. And yet, upon implementing, grants an enormous sense of relief and release.

Do you  take your good health and well-being for granted? Is it reasonable to live each day, and not worry about all the things that could go wrong?

Are you ever so tired you cannot sleep, just because your brain won't shut off? You body can ache from exhaustion and yet, your thoughts keep churning, not allowing you the rest you need.

Whatever the bumps in the road, the things that cause worry, or issues that crop up in daily life, the one thing that always remains true; we are responsible for our own happiness.

Sleep well, my friends.

Bikers Everywhere, Plus A True Irishman

My kingdom has returned to its usual calm and order, following a night of approximately 150 bike riders and support staff, camping and sleeping on our floors.

 The standing water is runoff from the shower setup in our driveway!

 Of course, Zeus had to get the lay of the land; it wasn't long before we could take his harness off and let him roam the crowd. They all loved him!

The Tall Dogs Bike Club brought their own shower setup, plus potties!

The Algona Bike Club

Our neighbors were rockstars, allowing the clubs to expand over to their property!

 Another shot of the "command center" for the Tall Dogs

The Team Lenox bike club was like having my brothers at home! This is the group who slept on our floors.

Zeus, our goodwill ambassador!

These two were fascinated by it all; the crowd, the bikes, all the tents...and all the attention they got!

Recharging center, ala Christmas Vacation (for those of you who understand the reference).

And our true Irishman, who told me that after a long ride, it's important to put on a skirt and let things air out.

By 10 a.m. Tuesday, there wasn't a trace of anyone. One load of towels to wash, and coffee mugs to the dishwasher, a little straightening here and there, some vacuuming and we are back to relative normal.

Whatever that is!

19 July 2014


I'm taking advantage of this time, as my Jawbone recharges and my coffee cools, to gather my thoughts and make another list of things to finish around here. What I'm most excited about is having the entire weekend, with my hubby, to get it all done.

Our impetus behind getting the spit and shine completed is the arrival of approximately 20,000 bike riders and support vehicles on Monday to our small burg.  We are planning for 120 of those to camp here, on our property, with a dozen sleeping on the floors inside. Can you think of better motivation to get those nagging chores done, once and for all?

For any of you who may not be familiar with RAGBRAI, check this link for a more comprehensive explanation: http://ragbrai.com/  I'll be breaking out the Canon to get some shots of our guests, and possibly, the progress we've made here, inside and out, to share.

Randy and I can accomplish so much when we work together, plus I just enjoy having him all to myself! We both get the same satisfaction from a job well done, and we both love to have our home with its best foot forward.

And, of course, there will be cupcakes...